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Peace and unspoilt nature await holidaymakers in the holiday region of Mecklenburg Switzerland: lakes and forests, pastures and moors, nature reserves and idyllic villages, castles and manor houses invite you to relax. Mecklenburg Switzerland offers a variety of holiday flats and holiday homes for a successful holiday.

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A special kind of Switzerland - without mountains

No, there are no mountains here. But because the hereditary prince Georg von Mecklenburg-Strelitz found the flat landscape full of lakes as beautiful as those of the Alps, he is said to have thought up the name Mecklenburg Switzerland at the beginning of the 19th century. Lakes and forests, fields, pastures, moors and flat hills are typical of the area north of the Müritz. There are no large towns, not even many small ones. It is especially quiet here in autumn and winter. Holidaymakers in the holiday region, spread over the districts of Müritz, Güstrow and Demmin, appreciate just that: the discovery of solitude, the peace, the undisturbed nature.

The monastery route for "pious trendsetters", which leads over 320 kilometres through the whole of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and visits a selection of the numerous monasteries, would also fit in with this. Of course, partial routes are also possible. Rose-lined castles, idyllic lakeshores and sunny hilltops invite you to dream and picnic. In summer, village churches, barns and country gardens are transformed into atmospheric stages for classical concerts. In the shelter of the nature park, with a little luck you can observe beavers and otters, white-tailed eagles and kingfishers. There are plenty of fairytale settings for romantic excursions on foot or in the saddle - for example around Kummerer See, at Kastorfer See or a castle circuit.

In the heart of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania today is one of the most beautiful areas in northern Germany - the Mecklenburg Switzerland and Kummerow Lake Nature Park. With an area of more than 61,000 hectares, it includes ten nature reserves. A large part of this nature park is a European bird sanctuary. Cranes and Nordic wild geese rest in the fields in their thousands during their autumn and spring migration. A well-signposted network of paths offers hikers and cyclists many opportunities to experience the nature park. The impressions are even more fascinating from horseback and boat or from the observation towers on Lakes Malchin, Kummerow and Teterow.

Small, former estate villages characterise the landscape. Schlitz Castle, Basedow Castle and Teschow Castle are among the most visited castles in the region. The parks surrounding them offer tranquillity and peace. Clear streams bubble up on the slopes and ultimately merge in the Peene River. The views from the heights near Salem and Gorschendorf are charming. Those seeking happiness on horseback have also been catered for. In exhilarating nature, riding and driving enthusiasts will find many contemplative, surprising and tranquil moments. Here you can let the wind blow around your nose, lose yourself in the deep blue eyes of the lakes, stroll at a leisurely pace along the numerous forest paths or roam lush green meadows at a wild gallop. What could be better than falling asleep on a riding holiday under a starry sky and being woken up in the morning by birdsong and the good-morning whinny of the horses?

It is also interesting to set off by motorbike or vintage car to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where there are the most motorbike clubs in Germany. Mecklenburg Switzerland offers roads for rides that lead through nature parks and along the German Avenue Road. Tree tunnels, winding roads and the numerous excursion destinations demand everyone's attention. In Mecklenburg Switzerland, two-wheeler and classic car museums, arenas such as those in Güstrow and Bützow and the Teterower Bergring, the oldest grass racecourse in Europe, invite you to visit.

A record holder of enormous dimensions can be admired in the Ivenack Zoo, standing out among the 1000-year-old oaks: the strongest and oldest living oak in Germany and probably also in Central Europe. It has a diameter of 3.49 metres, a height of 35.5 metres and a timber volume of 180 solid metres. The baroque pavilion in the middle of the zoo houses an interactive exhibition that takes the holidaymaker on a journey through the lifetime of oaks.

To be able to enjoy all these and other offers, a holiday accommodation is perfect as a starting point where the guest can act according to his or her individual rhythm. A holiday flat with sauna, a holiday home with terrace or garden, for one night, several nights or a week, for families, children, singles, couples, seniors, young and old, in short, there is a suitable holiday accommodation for everyone.

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