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A holiday on Helgoland, Germany's only high seas island, means getting away from it all. White sandy beaches, red sandstone rocks, green meadows and blue skies invite you to relax. The Lange Anna, the island's landmark, the ornithological station and the diving centre are recommended excursion destinations. In addition, there are numerous holiday flats and holiday homes for an all-round successful holiday in the Helgoland holiday region.

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A quiet oasis in the sometimes wild high seas

A holiday on Helgoland means getting away from the mainland: blissful evening atmosphere on the island, at traditional lobster stalls and romantic sunsets on Lange Anna. Leisurely walks on the beach while grey seals sunbathe with their offspring on the dune, almost endless sea views in every direction and the soothing smell of the salty sea as well as the relaxing sound of the rushing sea. Guests can enjoy their island holiday on Germany's only high seas island and almost feel as if they are in another world.

Dreamlike in the imagination, even more enchanting in reality: surrounded by the vast sea, which merges almost fluidly with the brilliant blue sky on the horizon, holidaymakers on Helgoland find themselves in a tranquil oasis of a unique natural monument. Lush green meadows and fields, red red sandstone rocks and fine white sandy beaches make the island with its offshore climate a paradise for any seaside holiday. A real treat on the two beaches is the sea view of the turquoise water, the warm temperatures under the blazing sun and the calm waters that invite you to swim.

With traditional costumes, dance and traditions, the islanders provide entertainment all year round, not least thanks to the folk dance and costume group. Meanwhile, in the Helgoland Museum, the Biological Institute or St. Nicolai's Church, you can learn in detail all about the million-year-old land mass and Lange Anna, which rises like a rock in the surf at the northern tip of the island, or the world's smallest nature reserve, the Lummenfelsen.

From the sea also come some culinary delicacies destined for direct consumption on the island: Knelper and lobster, but also fresh fishing fish are served in some of the quaint, colourful lobster stalls as well as in the cosy restaurants.

From enjoyment to research. A visit to the Biological Institute Helgoland is always worthwhile. Here, scientists get to the bottom of the major upheaval in the North Sea ecosystem. Just one aspect: in the last 50 years the North Sea water has warmed by 1.7 degrees. The scientific diving centre of the Alfred Wegener Institute is an important part of coastal and polar research. It is happy to present the equipment of the scientific diver "up close" to interested visitors. The Institute for Bird Research "Vogelwarte Helgoland" (IfV) is a non-university research institution, conducts basic research and deals with the manifold relationships between birds and their environment. Interested? Then why not take a public tour of the trapping garden?

The Long and the Short Anna. You've certainly heard of the Long Anna, even without having been to Germany's only high seas island. The 47-metre-high breakwater in the north-west of Helgoland is made of no less than 25,000 tonnes of red sandstone and is the island's landmark. An imposing sight! Smaller, shorter, but no less worth seeing is its little sister, the Kurze Anna.

An enormous wealth of species makes Helgoland a paradise for nature lovers: because Helgoland is Germany's only island in the open sea, seabirds naturally come here to breed. The gannets, fulmars and kittiwakes, in particular, make themselves at home on Lange Anna. It is not for nothing that the sandstone rock is also called a bird rock. Thousands of birds crowd up there on the rock. This sight alone attracts birdwatchers to the island. Not only on the cliff, the so-called Guillemot Rock, but also on Lange Anna the so-called "Guillemot" settle down to breed. In June, they jump impressively from the Lummenfelsen, Germany's smallest nature reserve, but also from the Lange Anna into the depths. Only to be led out into the open sea by their fathers - as befits birds of the high seas. With more than 370 bird species recorded so far, nature lovers are guaranteed not to get bored on Helgoland.

And the island is never boring at any time of year, but always has new facets to offer: It is still a little chilly when the calendar indicates spring. But the first rays of sunshine already manage to warm the face. Clouds alternate with bright sunshine. The island offers a charming natural spectacle when life awakens in spring, tender green sprouts on bushes and on the cliffs, punctuated by the delicate yellow of the cliff cabbage blossom. Now is also the time for the local migratory birds to return. Gannets and gulls build nests and lay their eggs. On the steep guillemot rock, breeding begins. It's still too cold for swimming, but your feet can already splash in the cool water, because the sun shines more often on Helgoland in spring than on the mainland.

When the sun shines steadily over Helgoland in the summer months, the high seas island is transformed into a holiday paradise. Even the journey from Cuxhaven by boat is an experience. Once on the island, you will find wide natural beaches, white sand and clear water. The shallow-sloping southern beach of the dune is family-friendly with calm waters. Nature lovers will find a quiet spot on the beach to the north of the offshore bathing dune with roaring surf. The water temperature in the North Sea often reaches around 20° C - a pleasant refreshment.

Autumn on Helgoland is the best time for a cure or holiday for all those who want to relax at leisure on the island. In the autumn months, the Oberland with its cliff walk and the dune attract visitors with a very special recreational sport that is also exciting for children: at low tide after a storm, you walk along the northern beach of the dune that used to be connected to Helgoland, keeping your eyes on the ground. In the process, you look for fossilised sea urchins, starfish, shells and also amber. Blown away by the day, guests on Helgoland in autumn enjoy egg grog in the evening and have the opportunity to chat with the islanders before returning to their holiday accommodation and thus end the day in a cosy way. If the weather is too uncomfortable for a walk around the island, you can visit the "Mare Frisicum" swimming pool with sauna area. The heated bath with outdoor pool is a practical alternative to the North Sea, which is already quite chilly on Helgoland at this time of year. The highlight here is the pool on the roof, which is filled with seawater and has a temperature of over 30 degrees.

Take a deep breath and your nasal passages are clear again. In winter, Helgoland shows a completely different side. The streets are quiet and there is time to look at the lovingly decorated shop windows in peace and quiet, to get advice on buying clothes and jewellery or to learn more about Helgoland's history on a guided tour of the bunker. In winter, the journey is particularly stress-free: there are only a few holidaymakers on board, so guests can enjoy the soothing peace and quiet on the ship even before they arrive. The crossing with the only winter ferry connection from Cuxhaven with MS Helgoland takes a good two and a half hours. The ship sails to Helgoland five times a week and takes those seeking relaxation across the North Sea to the island of red rock. On the island, it is particularly worthwhile to stop, take a deep breath and feel the pure, cold North Sea air. The North Sea air, which is particularly rich in iodine and oxygen, frees the respiratory tract.

Detached from everyday life, the holidaymaker returns to his accommodation for a restful night: holiday homes and flats with a varying number of bedrooms offer the freedom for a very individual daily routine.

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