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The Geltinger Bay is a paradise for holidaymakers in search of relaxation in nature: unspoilt countryside and nature reserves as well as numerous bird species and wild horses await visitors. In addition, fine sandy beaches invite you to swim. And where better to relax than in private holiday flats or holiday homes in the holiday region Geltinger Bucht.

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Pure nature with sea eagle and lawn mower 2.0

Whether boundless fun in the fine sand or collecting stones on the natural beach, the Geltinger Bay entices with true beach fun at the Baltic Sea, Fjord and Fjord. Directly on the Baltic Sea, for example at Hasselberg-Kronsgaard, more than six kilometres of fine beach await bathers, well protected by DLRG swimmers. Surfers also feel very much at home in the Gammeldamm and Oehe sections, where the perfect wave is always waiting. For those who like it a little more tranquil, Wackerballig is the place to go. Here, a very shallow water edge in combination with the easily visible, 150-metre-long beach section is ideal, especially for young swimmers.

An absolutely natural landscape can be found in the Geltinger Birk nature reserve. The landmark there, the Charlotte Dutch Mill, built in 1824, is a symbol of the unspoilt nature of the Geltinger Birk. Here, humans and animals experience slow time in harmony with each other. Around 20 species of birds and 20 dragonflies feel particularly at home on the Birk. More than 200 old varieties of fruit provide for the physical well-being of cyclists and hikers alike.

50,000 small birds per day. In the course of a year, around 200 bird species can be observed, including the white-tailed eagle again almost daily. The more than 90 breeding bird species include greylag goose, crane, garganey, red-breasted merganser, spotted rail, little tern, redshank, red-backed shrike, thrush, rosefinch, bluethroat, stonechat and whinchat. There is also a grey heron and cormorant colony in the area.

During the migration season, the good observation opportunities for resting and wintering water birds such as herons, mountain ducks, whistling ducks, goldeneyes, mergansers, common mergansers, eared grebes and a large number of waders are very interesting. Especially during spring migration, up to 50,000 small birds are counted per day, in addition to migrating birds of prey, pigeons, jackdaws and waterfowl. In autumn, Arctic geese, loons and regularly also skuas can be observed at the Birk-Nack, which reach the North Sea via the Flensburg Fjord.

Koniks and Galloways. Koniks are wild horses that came from the Netherlands and were introduced to the Geltinger Birk nature reserve in 2002. Together with Galloway cattle, they take on the important task of landscape maintenance as lawnmowers 2.0 by ensuring adequate grazing of the areas. The Highland cattle were replaced by the quiet shaggy Galloways at the end of 2013. These small robust cattle graze on numerous nature conservation areas, protecting them from becoming overgrown with shrubs and copses. This keeps the areas free for numerous birds.

"The country doctor" has already been there. A must on a holiday in the Geltinger Bay is a visit to the Falshöft lighthouse near Pommerby, which has served several times as a film set in the ZDF early evening series "Der Landarzt" and "Da kommt Kalle". The Falshöft lighthouse borders directly on the Geltinger Birk nature reserve and is a true lighthouse in the book. Shining red and white, the tower made of cast-iron elements rises a good 25 metres into the air. At the beginning of the 20th century, in 1910, the tower was built within 2 years at enormous expense and once served as a cross light and orientation light for ships passing the Geltinger Bay and Flensburg Fjord. Before the beacon was finally extinguished on 1 March 2012, the lighthouse was in use in its actual function for a total of 92 years and warned of shoals in the Baltic Sea and the Flensburg Fjord. What distinguishes the Falshöft lighthouse is its history, are the stories it tells inside. In modern times, however, the lighthouse is particularly popular because of the breathtaking view from one of the two galleries directly below the former light point. This gallery offers a wonderful view over the Baltic Sea. In clear weather, you can even let your eyes wander all the way to Denmark or experience the vastness of the Geltinger Birk. A blessing for the soul, too.

Wellness for the feet. Not far away is a wellness place for the feet: the barefoot park in Schwackendorf near Hasselberg. On about one and a half kilometres of path in the midst of free nature, different, small movement beds have been created that give the feet a completely new walking feeling and put the emotional nerves to the test. Asphalt, gravel surfaces, bogs and also a bed with broken glass encourage the reflexes of the feet in a special way. Many people are not aware that the barefoot movement even has a health effect. By touching different surfaces with their foot reflex zones, visitors strengthen their circulation. In addition, both foot and lower leg muscles are stimulated and strengthened. Sensory perception and the sense of movement are promoted.

Whether for a long weekend or longer, when staying in the Geltinger Bay, the holidaymaker who opts for a holiday flat or holiday home is spoilt for choice. One or more bedrooms, inexpensive or a little more upscale, it's all found quickly and rented directly so that contact is established from the start. In this way, detailed wishes can also be taken into account. And finally, when the guests arrive, they are not meeting strangers but "acquaintances".

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