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The volcanic Eifel is widely known for its maars, the extinct volcanoes that subsequently filled with water. Hiking through deep forests and valleys up to dreamlike views is the best way to discover the fascinating nature. Suitable holiday flats or holiday homes are the ideal base camp for tours in the Vulkaneifel holiday region.

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Mystical maars and a cold-water geyser

The water-filled maars are the trademark of the volcanic Eifel. But what actually is a maar? The term maar is derived from the Latin "mare" (= sea) and applies to the funnel-shaped type of volcano formed by eruptions of water vapour, which is "blasted" into the landscape and often presents itself as a bowl-like shape. After volcanic activity subsided, the funnels subsequently filled with water. A total of over 70 maar volcanoes have been counted, only ten maars are still filled with water today, the rest have already silted up.

A fountain every 35 minutes: dense beech forest, through which the steady thumping of black and grey woodpeckers sounds, covers the steep slopes of the Gemündener Maar near Daun. The deeply wooded funnel has an almost mystical aura. Directly a group of three can be found between Gillenfeld and Eckfeld: Close together they lie, born of a tectonic fault line: Holzmaar, Hitsche Maar and Dürres Maar. The only one filled with water is Holzmaar, which, at around 40,000 years old, is probably the youngest of the group. A fascinating play of nature with the regularity of a Swiss clock can be marvelled at in the small village of Wallenborn: every 35 minutes, the only cold-water geyser in the volcanic Eifel, the Wallende Born, spews metre-high fountains. To be precise, the fountain is 9 degrees cold and bubbles upwards for six minutes.

The Volcanic Eifel Trail "Hinterbüsch-Pfad" also passes through Wallenborn on its route through the Eifel. For the two-day route, the start is in the Lieser valley at the Üdersdorfermühle, between Üdersdorf and Trittscheid. Fantastic panoramic views at altitude, then dipping back down to the Trombach, Marsch and Walmersbach valleys - the route impresses from every perspective. With the bubbling of the Wallenden Born still in your ears, you climb up to the Landesblick at an altitude of 515 metres with a magnificent panorama, before the Meerfelder Maar forms a worthy conclusion to the tour.

More than the Nordschleife: luck sometimes decides on victory at the legendary Nürburgring. Top-class motor sport events, business between flip charts and race carts, horsepower adventures and holidays in the Green Hell - the Nürburgring, opened as a race track in 1927, has long attracted very different target groups to the Eifel. With a mix of more than 100 races every year and 200 other events, such as the PS-Action for everyone and many hands-on opportunities around the topic of motor sports, the world's most challenging, most beautiful and most frequented race track has taken the hearts of fans and families by storm. In the Motorsport Experience Museum you can feel like a racing driver yourself in simulators and other attractions. In addition, historic vehicles from the history of motor sports can be admired. Whether you are a motorbike enthusiast or not - everyone is welcome in the cosy "Classic Race Lounge" to talk shop or perhaps even exchange memories. In a rustic atmosphere, everyone feels at home with a small snack and selected drinks.

Crime fans are also catered for: but the Eifel has even more excitement to offer, especially with the crime capital Hillesheim. Numerous epithets have adorned the small town in the course of its well over 1000-year history. Sometimes it was the monastery, sometimes the Eifel grammar school, sometimes the guilds that provided the epithet, then it was the famous markets. To this day, Hillesheim is a "European model town" in urban redevelopment and now it is also the crime capital. In 2004, the theme of crime fiction took off in the Hillesheim region. More and more guests discovered the Eifel crime novels as a guide and literally walked in the footsteps of criminals and investigators. On the crime map it immediately became clear that the locations around Hillesheim and Berndorf were close together, so the idea of a hiking trail to these places was quickly born. The three crime ladies are the best explainers of the world of crime fiction around Hillesheim. Whether two, three or four hours, on foot or in a mystery bus: exciting entertainment, entertainment and lots of information are guaranteed and fun is not neglected either.

The right accommodation for the holiday is quickly found among the numerous holiday flats, whether for one night or a longer stay. This is no different from the rest of the Eifel.

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