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The Uckermark is a paradise for holidaymakers in search of relaxation in nature: wide hilly landscapes, forests, countryside and nature reserves invite you to go on extensive hiking or cycling tours. The lakes entice with offers for canoe tours as well as bathing and fishing. And where better to relax than in private holiday flats or holiday homes in the Uckermark holiday region.

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Close to Berlin: lots of green and quiet

If the Uckermark region near Berlin (about 80 kilometres) is to be described with one of the oh-so-common abbreviations of today, it should read WWR. Water, hiking and cycling. It is a decidedly large district, but very sparsely populated. It is precisely this mixture that makes it so appealing to many visitors. Uckermark tourists are primarily looking for recreation in nature. In the hilly landscape shaped by the ice age, there are lakes, forests and plants or animals that can hardly be found elsewhere.

Merkel's holiday home in the "Tuscany of the North". The region obviously also fascinates German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She owns a summer house near Templin, where she grew up. In the area known as the "Tuscany of the North", visitors will find a network of cycle paths, hiking trails and waterways. It is precisely the opportunity for active recreation and also the vastness of the landscape that is attractive to many visitors. 60 percent of the district is designated as a landscape or nature reserve.

One example of one of the many cycling tours is the almost 260-kilometre Uckermark Cycle Route. Those who cover all or part of the route in the saddle gain a cross-section of Uckermark nature and culture: as with many other cycle routes in the state, the motto of the Uckermark Cycle Route is: "Nature to the full!" Three natural landscapes are crossed: the Lower Oder Valley National Park, the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park. The major stops on the circuit are the towns of Templin, Lychen, Angermünde, Schwedt and Prenzlau. In between lies the Uckermark Ice Age landscape with hundreds of lakes and extensive woodlands. The cycle path is a link between the Oder-Neisse Cycle Path, the long-distance cycle paths Berlin - Usedom, Berlin - Copenhagen, the Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Path, the Tour Brandenburg, the Mecklenburg Lakes Ice Age Route and the Müritz Cycle Path. The 259-kilometre cycle path runs on asphalt cycle paths, country roads, cobblestone roads and field and forest paths with sandy sections. The route can be quite demanding and somewhat tiring due to occasional climbs, such as the passage between Lychen and Alt Pacht, and the poor condition of the surface. The Uckermärkischer Radrundweg is marked by a stylised bicycle.

The wildlife area Gut Klepelshagen near Strasburg can be explored on foot. Then deer, roe deer, wild boar, buzzards, tawny owls, black woodpeckers and moor frogs can be heard and seen on the local safari. The Wildtierland near Strasburg is a good 1,000 hectares of land with meadows, forests, hills, streams and ponds. Habitat for the wild animals. And as always with safaris, patience and a portion of luck are part of the game.

Apart from the cows of the affiliated organic farm, no animals are kept behind fences. The makers of the nature experience project, the German Wildlife Foundation, rather try to provide ideal conditions for the local fauna. Eight themed trails lead through the Wildtierland Gut Klepelshagen with adventure pulpits that provide information about the life of the wild animals. In the former granary of the Klepelshagen estate is the first message of the wild animals. In the café, the valley of the deer can be seen via a live camera. An exhibition provides information about the animals in the wildlife park and events such as readings and concerts take place here.

Now the second W in the abbreviation WWR is missing: water. There is plenty of it in the north-east of Brandenburg. A canoe trip lasting several days from the Ucker Lakes to the Szczecin Lagoon can be exciting and educational, but a quiet day trip on the motorboat-free Lübbesee also has its charms. Holidaymakers can start in Templin at the natural harbour or in Ahlimbsmühle at the eastern end of Lake Lübbe. The clear water of the approximately twelve-kilometre-long body of water also invites you to take a refreshing swim. There are officially 43 bathing spots in the Uckermark whose water quality is regularly tested during the bathing season (15 May to 15 September). Moreover, these waters are not subject to any protection category that prohibits bathing for nature conservation reasons. So water lovers not only have unlimited bathing fun, but also do something good for nature by granting rare species elsewhere their retreats.

"Petri Heil!" is the motto for amateur anglers in the Uckermark. The opportunity to catch a delicious meal for themselves in one of the countless lakes appeals to many, because thanks to legal regulations, fishing for peaceful fish is possible throughout Brandenburg without a fishing licence from the age of eight. A perfect holiday naturally includes the right accommodation. The range of holiday flats and holiday homes in the Uckermark is large, and the right choice, including the appropriate number of bedrooms, should be made quickly. Good news for dog owners: your pet can come along and is welcome in many accommodations.

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