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Everything maritime characterises the image of the holiday region Kiel Fjord: Big boats on the horizon, sailing boats, fishing boats, harbour flair, beaches and water sports. But also cultural and leisure facilities, theatres and concerts offer everything for a varied holiday. There is much to discover in the holiday region of the Kiel Fjord. The numerous holiday flats and holiday homes are the ideal starting point for this.

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On the sunny side of the fjord

Let's start with the sunny side of the Kiel Fjord: This is the title Laboe uses to advertise itself. The Baltic seaside resort is situated in a unique scenic location as the outermost town on the sunny side of the Kiel Fjord. Laboe welcomes Baltic Sea cruisers and merchant ships from the port of Kiel, Ostuferhafen or Kiel Canal, as well as naval fleet ships and sailing boats. Laboe welcomes all those coming from the sea with its characteristic skyline. The most beautiful thing about Laboe is its water's edge, as it lies directly on one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. The naval memorial is visible from afar. Beach, harbour, indoor seawater pool and more provide fun and variety. An extensive programme of events ensures eventful holiday fun.

Laboe is a town characterised by a lot of greenery, despite just under 5,000 inhabitants and lively building activity since the 1970s. It is a popular tourist destination in the Probstei nature experience area. The unique nature and landscape directly at the exit of the Kiel Fjord, a varied hinterland, the proximity to the Kiel Canal, the natural dune landscape or the marine biology station with excursions by ship on the Baltic Sea offer insights and views of special charm all year round. Baltic Bay, one of the most exclusive marinas in the Baltic Sea region, the seawater swimming hall with a beach sauna and a gastronomically interesting mix cater to the most diverse demands.

Laboe is served by several bus lines and in the summer months is called at several times a day by the ships of the Fördeschifffahrt from Kiel, which provide a direct connection from Kiel to Laboe. The bus stop is directly at the harbour car park. The seawater swimming pool in the Baltic resort of Laboe is a unique experience. Whether swimming in the large pool, having fun on the slide, splashing around in the baby pool or simply letting your mind wander - everyone gets their money's worth here and enjoys an uninterrupted view of the Baltic Sea from the relaxation gallery.

The mixture of historic harbour and modern marina with all comforts often leaves sailors "spoilt for choice". After all, Laboe is one of the most beautiful harbours on the Kiel Fjord and a popular meeting place for sailors and sailors at large. The proximity to the "Danish South Sea", the Kiel Canal as a direct connection to the North Sea and the Kiel Fjord right on the doorstep make day trips easy and relaxed. The Labo harbours are home to more than 750 boats. The numerous maritime events in the harbour area bring the harbour atmosphere even closer to the guest. From here you can go deep-sea fishing, to the North Sea-Baltic Sea Canal, various excursions or take the fjord steamer across the Kiel Fjord to the state capital Kiel.

Laboe's real landmark, the mill, has been turning its blades since 1872. After a chequered history, it is now owned by the adjacent old people's home and can only be visited from the outside. If it is too windy or too busy for you on the beach, Laboe has an excellent place to relax in the greenery - the spa gardens. Only a few steps away from the beach, between Wiesenweg and Katzbek, there is a little treasure that definitely wants to be discovered. But activities are also welcome in the park: The playground invites children to romp around, the family tests their handicap at mini-golf, the large meadow invites you to play Viking chess, and in summer Heigeln, a kind of open-air gymnastics, is offered in the park.

A holiday on the Baltic coast also means listening to "platt Snacker". In Laboe we even have our own theatre with "Ohnsorg flair" for this - the Lachmöwen Theatre at the Kurpark. The building of the former kindergarten was converted into a theatre and a foyer was added. In 2011, a redesign with original "Ohnsorg ambience" took place, because it is thanks to the relocation of the Ohnsorg Theatre in Hamburg that visitors in Laboe can now sit on the original theatre seats of the most famous Plattdüütsch theatre in Germany. The same applies to the stage curtain and even the stage boards on which Heidi Kabel and Henry Vahl used to make the guests of the Hamburg Ohnsorg Theatre laugh.

For the inquisitive, the marine biology station answers questions from the underwater world of the Baltic Sea. Why does the plaice have both eyes on one side of its body? What does a starfish eat and can mussels swim? These are just some of the many interesting aspects explained to visitors by marine biologists during a guided tour. The marine biology station also operates a research launch in Labo harbour, with which there are interesting excursions for young and old.

Every Labo resident has been familiar with Strandstraße 15 since 2010 at the latest, and every visitor has probably stood in front of this house in amazement. It is the house that Gustav Lage, Freya Frahm's grandfather, built in 1896. Freya Frahm was the last relative to pass away in 2010. In order to fill the house with life again, she bequeathed it to the community of Laboe, with the testamentary wish to create a house of encounter for the public there. In addition, she left a considerable sum for restoration and maintenance as well as for the upkeep of her house.

The first Labo reading hall was built in 1924/25 and was the first health resort in the village. The former reading hall, directly on the beach promenade with a 180-degree view of the Kiel Fjord, houses a tapas bar with a large outdoor terrace in the basement. Regular events take place on the upper floor during the season. Among other things, figure and puppet theatre, slide shows, readings, small concerts, weddings and much more. The Rose Garden is located directly on the beach and harbour. This area is used for large events and fascinates visitors time and again. A wine festival or arts and crafts market with a view of the Kiel Fjord is not exactly common.

There is always something going on in the region on the Baltic coast in Schleswig-Holstein. No matter which holiday region the visitor chooses, the Baltic Sea coast and its neighbouring inland areas have a lot to offer all year round and are always worth a holiday. White sandy beaches and unspoilt nature await the guest - here he can be enchanted by the unique natural scenery on and near the water. Big boats on the horizon, fishing boats in the harbours and colourful sailors - everything maritime characterises the image of the Kiel Fjord. Hundreds of cruise ships can be observed from the beach every year. The Probstei is rich in tradition, romantic and sporty. Water sports enthusiasts will find their favourite spot along the coast, and the inland area also offers excursion destinations such as the Krokau Mill and the Probstei Museum.

For those seeking relaxation, long sandy beaches directly in front of the dyke invite you to stroll, sunbathe and dream. Small water rats will also get their money's worth. Kiek mol in! This invitation also applies to numerous holiday homes, holiday complexes and holiday flats in the region. Whether the accommodation should be child- and dog-friendly, for two or twelve people, down-to-earth or upscale, it doesn't matter, because the offer is extremely diverse. For example, there is a flat for two with a stately, twelve-square-metre balcony including an awning and a fantastic view of the Baltic Sea. Oh yes, it's only 150 metres to the water.

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