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The Ahr Valley is the perfect holiday destination for culture, nature and wine lovers. Sunny vineyards and idyllic villages, wonderful hiking and cycling trails, leisure activities and events for young and old invite you to a successful holiday. And of course the famous wine attracts many visitors. Suitable holiday flats and holiday homes are the icing on the cake for a stay in the holiday region Ahrtal.

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Red Burgundy and Multicolour Sound Wave

Wine connoisseurs praise the high quality of the Rotburgunder, regular guests the hospitality. All this and much more makes up the Ahr Valley in its entirety. It is not a huge tourist area between Cologne and Koblenz, but one that, in its diversity, turns many first-time visitors into permanent visitors, because in the diversity of the experience there is a small addiction factor for many a person.

This can be the almost daily concert and cultural events, but also a highlight like the Klangwelle Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler: The unique show experience captivates almost 20 000 visitors on eight evenings in October. Gigantic fountains of billions of water drops shooting more than 30 metres into the night sky, a fascinating play of colours from light and laser effects, brilliant pieces of music from classical to pop and fiery pyrotechnic accents: The Klangwelle Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler in the Kurpark combines the elements of water, fire, laser, light and music to create a unique mega-show with goosebumps factor. In the town that owes its fame to its springs, the sound wave carries upwards what Bad Neuenahr is all about: Water in all its beauty. What has just shot up over the treetops becomes a small wave in the next moment, which then turns into a huge "hydroscreen" onto which impressive images and videos are projected: Cinema feeling included! But it is the grandiose choice of music that turns the show into an emotional synthesis of the arts: with new themes and choreographies, the Klangwelle breathtakingly stages melodies from classical music, rock, pop and Rhenish-Kölsch songs in perfect harmony with all the other effects. The event area in the Kurpark opens at 6 p.m. with entertainment, moderation, music and a wide range of gastronomic offerings. The show, consisting of four acts and two intermissions, begins at 8pm.

New trend: winter walks. Quite the opposite of this cracking excitement is a contemplative hike through tranquil nature. The Ahr valley is not one of the most popular hiking regions in Germany for nothing. In a unique natural landscape - between vineyards and rocky gorges, between wide meadow plateaus and quiet forest paths - hikers enjoy magnificent panoramic views and vistas. From the source of the Ahr to the mouth of the Rhine, the hiking trails lead through the magnificent Ahr valley. The entire spectrum and the unmistakable character of the romantic river and natural landscapes can be experienced at any time of year: in spring, the first rays of sunshine entice you into the awakening nature and hikes in the Ahr Valley chase away the winter blues. Summer is a pleasant time for excursions and travel in the Ahr Valley; in addition to the active leisure programme, numerous hiking offers attract German holidaymakers to the Ahr Valley. In autumn, the high-quality Ahr grapes ripen - wine, winegrowers and the harvest are close at hand on many hikes. The "Indian summer" conjures up a special atmosphere in the vineyards when the vine leaves turn numerous shades of colour. Winter hikes are a new trend - the snow-covered Ahr mountains and paths set a contemplative mood and allow everyone to relax. Major hiking events such as the Ahrtaler Gipfelfest (Ahr Valley Summit Festival) or the AhrSteig Experience Day take numerous national and international hiking guests along the most beautiful routes through the Ahr Valley. At events such as the WeinWanderWochen (Wine Hiking Weeks) or the Burgundy Festival, hikers quickly realise that wine and hiking belong together in the Ahr Valley. Some of the hiking tours lead directly through the vineyards, where hikers can talk to the winegrowers, or they lead to lively villages with inviting restaurants.

And exercise in nature is not only healthy, it also brings history to life: There are many interesting cultural monuments along the hiking routes - from the Roman villa to the Calvarienberg monastery to the government bunker from the times of the Cold War. Part of the site is accessible as a museum because of its historical significance.

But there are also tours full of discoveries for cyclists along the route. The Ahr Cycle Path, for example, is well signposted and meanders along the river for 77 kilometres. Here, parents can also cycle with children in complete relaxation on well-maintained, almost level paths and enjoy the romantic landscape. For ambitious and experienced mountain bikers who are up to any challenge, the Ahr Valley offers many spectacular, sporty routes that leave nothing to be desired.

Now something for the younger ones again: In the family adventure Rhineland-Palatinate you will embark on a very special journey: In an interactive story, you will get to know Rhineland-Palatinate in a playful way. In the process, you have the chance to become a member of the legendary "Order of the Knights of Falkenfels"! All you need is a smartphone and, of course, your knightly power. You will discover exciting stories with Knight Reinhardt the Sprightly and see at which stations there is something to experience. There you will find tasks and riddles that will earn you important points. You choose your own route. SMS, calls and audios bring you right into the middle of the story.

From the age of 18, you can visit Germany's oldest casino in the heart of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. The fascination of gambling unfolds in the unique atmosphere of the traditional gaming rooms - the Spielbank Bad Neuenahr breathes the flair of the Belle Epoque and is one of the most beautiful casinos in Europe - and with contemporary comfort and an up-to-date range of games of chance. French and American roulette as well as blackjack await you in six air-conditioned rooms, plus slot machine games in the foyer. Of course, everyone hopes that Fortuna, the goddess of luck, will be at your side.

Those who visit the Ahr valley should of course take time for the often praised wine. The Ahr is considered Germany's "red wine paradise". The Ahr meanders dreamily in narrow bends through a bizarre rocky landscape and the vineyards nestle against barren cliffs. The top wines of the Ahr can only be produced with great effort on the steep slopes. But high wine quality rewards the arduous work. Under the philosophy "nothing comes from nothing", quality, especially of the Spätburgunder, is the top priority. Internationally respected wine experts know this, too, and love to wax lyrical about the combination of tradition, innovation, experimentation and the resulting top wines.

Dernau, the largest wine village on the Mittelahr, offers its visitors a variety of opportunities all year round to enjoy the regional flair, but also the local red wine. From the Dernau Wine Spring in April to the Wine Festival on the last weekend in September and the St. Martin's Market in November, visitors can experience an excerpt of the inhabitants' sense of tradition and élan.Dernau is overlooked by the Krausberg, an excursion destination from whose tower you can even see Cologne Cathedral on a clear day. When the white flag is flying on the tower, the Eifelverein invites you to enjoy home-made delicacies after the climb.

The tourist as a friend of the house. Hospitality has a long tradition in the Ahr. Everywhere, guests receive a friendly welcome. This applies to rustic winegrowers' farms, rural excursion restaurants as well as family-run holiday flats or holiday homes. Most of the time, the tourist feels more like a friend of the house than a guest. The only thing that remains is the agony of choice as to which ambience suits personal needs.

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